Colloquia and Working Groups

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Colloquium

The English Department’s Graduate Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Colloquium meets several times a semester and pursues research specific to the eighteenth century, Romanticism, and Victorianism, as well as projects that cross historical boundaries. Programming includes presentations of work-in-progress by graduate students and faculty; outside speakers presenting their new work; and panel discussions on topics  of current theoretical, methodological, or pedagogical importance.

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Eighteenth Century Studies Working Group

The Eighteenth Century Studies Working Group, sponsored by the Whitney Humanities Center, “seeks to encourage an interdisciplinary conversation about recent critical work being done by scholars of the literature, history, culture, and art of the “long” eighteenth century (1660-1830).”  All in the Yale community are welcome to participate.

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History Department Working Groups

The Department of History sponsors several working groups that bring together students, faculty and others with shared research interests, including in areas of study related to the eighteenth century. 

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Yale Early Modern Empires Workshop

The Early Modern Empires Workshop “is dedicated to examining empire(s) from a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to political philosophy, state formation, sociocultural and economic exchange, resistance, materiality, mobility, law, and cultures of knowledge across a multiplicity of geographies.”  Speakers are drawn from a broad range of departments at Yale, and from institutions around the world.  

Each workshop’s invited speaker presents a pre-circulated paper, which is discussed by the entire group following a series of initial questions by a graduate respondent. Anyone who shares the workshop’s interest is encouraged to attend these noon hour gatherings. A light lunch is served.

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The Center for Historical Enquiry & the Social Sciences (YaleCHESS) encourages cross-disciplinary engagement between the Humanities and Social Sciences, to  understand “the interplay between history and the present.”  CHESS hosts a Friday lunchtime workshop in which pre-circulated papers are discussed, regular conferences, and other programs. 

Yale CHESS calendar

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